One of the galaxy's newest powers located in what was once pirate space. With a sizeable portion of the Northwestern Quadrant under their control, as well as the untapped reserves of unmined planets and undiscovered systems within the Fertile Crescent, they've become the most richest power in the galaxy, with seemingly endless supplies of resources and vast quantities of wealth at their disposal.

History Edit

With it's humble beginnings in 2385 as a collection of worlds under the control of the Artisynth, the Achaemenid Kingdom rose to power as the Artisynth began to take active measures against the pirates in the Northwestern Quadrant. Liberating worlds and crushing any opposition they came across, the Artisynth realized they would need to form a council of sorts to keep these worlds under their control and the races that inhabited them happy and willing to stay with them. They had to become leaders to these people. This was finalized during the emergence of the Mahdi, the very elusive individual who passed reformations and policies which helped the newly created kingdom become a legitimate power in the region.

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