Adanis is the beautiful homeworld of the Vakr and Gadr. It later became the home of the Adanis Federation as well.

Climate Edit

Adanis has a very temperate climate and generally mild summers and winters. Terrain includes a mix of plains, rolling hills and rocky mountain regions.

Infrastructure Edit

Infrastructure on Adanis is very sparse and limited to pre-Industrial Age technology (built by the Gadr).

With the founding of the Adanis Federation a new industrial zone was constructed outside the new capital with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities developed with help from the Ayr.

Notable Locations Edit

Irvi'ath Edit

The new capital of Adanis this city sits on the border between Vakrosia and Gadrani. It is nowhere similar to cities built previously by the Gadr and Vakr.

House Va'un Residence Edit

The home of Vakarus Va'un, this traditional Vakr estate was once redesigned and expanded. Many Ayr visitors have expressed a sense of tranquility and have felt as if the estate is a "home away from home" because of it's Ayr-influenced design.

Media Edit


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