Alexei Toporov, most commonly known by the nickname 'Axe', is a captain with the Legkiy Planetary Militia.

Because the structure of the LPM isn't very advanced Alexei was appointed leader of the militia forces.

History Edit

Once a miner working his ass off in the deepest of hellholes found on Legkiy, Alexei was but one of many in a line of hardworking laborers looking to earn a fortune from a dangerous job.

The job paid Alexei well, but it also cost him his right arm.

Eventually Alexei found himself next to several others from his backwater town, standing guard as the SDF and Red Corsairs fought to control his homeplanet.

While he never bothered much with politics he knew that things were not going to get better if pirates assumed control of the planet. He did what he could to minimize the Corsair influence on local mining corporations.

No one showed a particular interest in arguing with the massive miner.

When the LPM was formed Alexei was recommended to lead it, despite minimal military experience. Of course this is something he is expecting future dirtbags to take advantage of.

Because little did they know that the Axe has been sharpening his skills over the years.

Trivia Edit

Alexei has never lost a fistfight. Never.

Media Edit

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