A classified facility located in the KXNQ-1 system, Alpha Site is home to Project Alpha and many other secretive SSOID assets.

 Climate Edit

The planet of KXNQ-17 is very unfriendly and naturally uninhabitable by humans and most other species. Violent ion storms ravage the rocky surface and the few regions not covered in gigantic mountain ranges consist of vast arid landscapes with minor fauna.

There are no sentinet lifeforms on the planet aside from the SSOID personnel staffed at Alpha Site.

Infrastructure Edit

Aside from the massive Alpha Site complex hidden inside one of the larger mountain ranges there are several abandoned industrial zones and mines which were built by some of the first Human colonists who left the Sol sytem.

However due to the harsh climate these facilities were quickly abandoned and the planet was declared a no-go zone and left uninhabitated untill the SSOID built Alpha Site.

Notable Locations Edit

Dawngate Edit

The only settlement built on KXNQ-17, Dawngate was surrounded by a natural wall of cliffs which protected the colonists from the storms on the surface. However due to intense mining operations one of the nearby cliffs eventually collapsed, exposing the settlement to the wild.

Alpha Site Edit

Officially Alpha Site doesn't exist and if anyone would ask director Williams about it he would most likely scoff at you, change the subject and organize for a dozen agents to monitor the person in question.

The facility itself consists of five levels, has a large archive with a vertical access door (used by the SNV Sydney to drop off the Archius wreckage), extensive living quarters and commodations alongside a heavily fortified entrance with guardposts and sniper teams positioned around it.

Media Edit

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