Alyssa Labelle is a SDF veteran and High Councilor of the SSG. Labelle was sworn into office in 2389, taking over from former colleague Quint Wayford.

History Edit

A long-time veteran with the SDF Alyssa has seen action against pirates, renegade militias and finally the USR.

Following her first tours as a marine and combat medic Alyssa rose through the ranks. After serving as an OMS medic and marine instructor Alyssa was promoted to the rank of Major.

Despite her rank Alyssa maintained her habit of being at the front, commanding her forces personally rather than let some computer speak for her.

After the first year of the USR conflict Alyssa had seen the true horrors of war firsthand. She resigned from the SDF and managed to secure a political victory while campaigning for a seat on the SSG council.

Working hard to put an end to the war Alyssa joined her likeminded colleague Maya Eri in a joint effort to push the SSG into attempting negotiations with the USR.

Alyssa shared many of her personal experiences during her time on the council and while it, sadly, never managed to put an end to the war it did earn Alyssa the faith of the people.

Following the war Alyssa was elected as the new High Councilor.

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