A happy, outgoing, and energetic spaz. Amelia is from the Weinheart family, a rich and powerful figure on earth. She graduated from Olympus Mons university at the top of her class. She joined the Terika-Belladonna Company in hopes of discovering new species and gain travel experience along the way. Known for being annoying and somewhat childish, trying to be friendly to anyone in her path, which is a pain to some. Has a vast collection of anime and manga at her disposal via tablet, and is an avid video game enthusiast.


Born on Earth. She was raised from a rich family, known to be humble and generous. Amelia went to the best medical school to learn about human and xeno biology. Along the way, she learned physics, astronomy, and other science fields. She also learned five languages (Swedish, Japanese, Spanish, French, and German) not including English. Graduated at the top of her class, at age 28. 

Finding no job after three months, she grew restless. That is, until she heard about an opening in the Terika-Belladonna Company, looking for anyone with experience in her field. She hastily packed her bags and joined the crew out of the spirit of adventure, and to finally put her knowledge to use.

The Muramasa Crew

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