The ever-so charismatic leader of the Crimson Raiders, an elite squad with the Red Corsairs, Anja Drakhjelm is a known pirate and criminal.

She is the mother of Linda Drakhjelm.

History Edit

Anja Drakhjelm was born and raised on Valhalla, living in a remote town surrounded by snow as far as the eye could see. Her childhood was tough and her drunken parents taught her that if she was to survive she'd have to fend for herself.

Eventually Anja managed to hitch a ride offworld, using whatever credits she had to bribe a cargoship captain to take her with him far out to the Southeastern Quadrant where he was due to pick up a fresh batch of resources.

Anja was dropped off at remote mining world, where she became a thief in order to survive.

Joining the Red Corsairs Edit

After thieving from one pirate too many Anja was cornered by a band of nasty Khergian pirates wanting to gut her on the spot. Luckily for her there were bigger fish in the sea and a group of Red Corsairs intervened, saving Anja from certain death and adopting her.

Seeing no better options available Anja embraced her new pirate family and was groomed into a deadly warrior mastering both blade and gun.

Founding the Crimson Raiders Edit

Anja founded the Crimson Raiders in 2359. The goal was to create a special unit of grizzled warriors hailing from all of the Red Corsair fleets capable of going toe-to-toe with regular military forces. Supported by nearly all of the Red Corsair captains the Crimson Raiders became the tip of the spear, often being sent in to attack military forces safeguarding treasures or other valuable targets.

Anja lead the Crimson Raiders to battle many times during the Legkiy Independence War, often against veteran SDF marines.

After the war Anja continued to lead the Crimson Raiders, albeit with a more laidback attitude after giving birth to a daughter.

Equipment Edit

Anja's Armor Edit

Modified armor to fit Anja's combat style. Comes with both a armored facemask and a helmet.

Crimson Raider Special Edit

Standard-issue rifle with the Crimson Raiders. Fires accurate volleys of superheated plasma bolts.

Media Edit

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