Lt. Colonel Anora Cortus, also known as 'The Blood Reaver' by her fellow Marines, is an officer in the Upyri Federation Marine Corps. She oversees the engagements of pirates invading Upyri space.

History Edit

Anora Cortus was born to a Major and Sergeant at Military Installation 'Moros' on Ker. Both were members of the Marine Corps, so she was raised much like her current commander Ketri Biram was and forced to attend the military academy on Ker.

During her studies and training at the academy, she learned more of the ancient Upyri ways and traditions. She became fascinated by these ancient traditions, and decided to take it upon herself to keep them alive. This would inevitably lead her down a very controversial path. The ancient Upyri, in combat, would bite and drink the blood of their enemies. It was believed that with this act, the Upyri would take the spirit of their enemy and absorb it into their own, making them more powerful in the process.

The tradition eventually faded from use as the act was considered unsanitary and more of a fear tactic to use against the enemy instead of something useful. Never the less, Anora resurrected the tradition, and began to use it as she fought pirates from the Renegade Quadrant after her graduation from the academy. This quickly earned her the nickname 'The Blood Reaver' from her fellow Marines. Upon seeing the effects of the act on the enemy, the Marines under her command began to do it as well, though more for a fear tactic than as a tradition like Anora.

Her superiors, mainly those in the Navy and on the Council of Planetary Representatives, grew disgusted by this long forgotten act and put pressure on Ketri to end Anora's use of the tradition. Ketri declined to do so, as he saw nothing wrong with it and the effects it was having on the pirates they were fighting. It was instilling fear, which was pretty great to him. He allowed Anora to continue, and her reputation grew. As did her brutality in combat.

Now, she is a well-known and feared enemy of the pirate crews that pass near Upyri space, as she has risen to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and placed in charge of the Caliburnus-Class battleship, the UFS Ramlethal.

Personality Edit

Anora is a cold, calculating, and heartless woman. She is a strict leader, commanding her troops and killing foes with brutal efficiency, and is not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
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