The Archius XI is a light militarized vessel manufactured by HarkArk as an explorer ship. The ship was responsible for finding the pieces of the Oracle in order to prevent the Crimson Son from seizing them. The ship's crew comprised of notable figures such as Lion, formerly known as Leon Eastlindth, Iska Volgrim and Yanim Sidikan, also known as Yanim Terika.

The ship fell on the battlefield during the Battle of Zeruel, taken by the Sol Government to study its remains.

ArchiusXI ShipRightSideDiagram

A map of the Archius from its right side.

Layout Edit

The layout of the ship comprised of twenty rooms such as a General Market, the Bridge, the Armory alongside a Security Room. The ceiling tiles hid turrets, scattered across the vessel for invasive threats.

The Archius XI
Main Crew

Head Command: Jeremy Spacehawk
Security Personnel: Viper SolariLionVarn MernerSledgeLemmy KilmisterZarbon Lezardo
Science Personnel: Arthur BeasleySquishJoseph HeilburgJordon FreemanKhaen-suasNycho ShayusJeb Jackson
Engineering Personnel: Yanim SidikanKr'fernirJohn RikerTuratkoDolosus ZushikiIska VolgrimPippin FalkIssac Devol
Food Personnel: Otso RottalMichelle "Mic" OscarFrançois D'arragant
Basic Personnel: Pyrovik BjordizaneDwan TheidrumSaint TussorByronZach BringerColin Oxfon
Staff Members and Others

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