Ark-class stations are large orbital colonies built by the Sol Material Works. They replaced an aging fleet of older, more outdated, colonial stations in orbit around Terra, Mars, Luna, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and other planets.

The stations have internal modules which are configured during construction to fit a specific role. For example, a station meant to function as a orbital colony will have more housing modules while warehouse and/or mining stations will have more storage modules.

Currently there are seventeen Ark-class stations employed in orbit throughout the Sol system. For more information, please read the list below.

History Edit

Following the Sol Unification many orbital colonies had either been destroyed or damaged after anti-Sol insurgents and militants used them as makeshift orbital bunkers and troop housing.

In 2346 the Sol Material Works began the construction of the first five Ark stations. Construction finished just a year later thanks due a high focus on rebuilding the Sol system infrastructure.

In 2347 three more stations were built which were completed in 2350. Contracted by the Sol System Government to provide additional housing for a growing population (and industry) SMW started construction ten more stations.

The last Ark station was completed in 2360.

List of Ark-class Stations Edit

Below is a list of Ark-class stations.

Terra Primaris (ACS-01) Edit

First Ark station which orbits around Terra.

During its first months the station suffered from overpopulation which drastically decreased the quality of living onboard. Today these problems are memories long-gone.

Population: 50,000.

Terra Secundus (ACS-02) Edit

Built to reduce the stress of ACS-01, this station was the second Ark station to be completed. Today it is primarily used as a trading port for alien merchants not capable of handling Terra's gravity.

Population: 32,000

Luna Primaris (ACS-03) Edit

A security station utilized by the SISP, ACS-03 house most of the SISP patrolcraft used to guard the system from smugglers and pirates.

Population: 15,000

Luna Secundus (ACS-04) Edit

Owned and maintained by the Sol Material Works, this station functions as a orbital warehouse and proving grounds for ships and zero-G equipment. It is in close proximity to the many SMW shipyards orbiting Luna.

Population: 16,000

Mars Primaris (ACS-05) Edit

Orbital colony and warehouse.

Population: 37,000

Mars Secundus (ACS-06) Edit

ACS-06 functions primarily as a orbital training platform for SDF marines and OMS soldiers.

Population: 19,500

Mars Tertius (ACS-07) Edit

Research facility, orbital conference center and space-hotel.

Population: 20,000

Saturn Primaris (ACS-08) Edit

Primarily a mining facility, ACS-08 also houses a small research center.

Population: 6,400

Saturn Secundus (ACS-09) Edit

Massive gas-mining facility which is responsible for 40% of all gas production in the entire Sol system.

Population: 30,000

Jupiter Primaris (ACS-10) Edit

Orbital mining facility.

Population: 13,200

Uranus Primaris (ACS-11) Edit

Research station.

Population: 10,000

Mercury Primaris (ACS-12) Edit

Mining facility. Station has been modified with extremely powerful shields and extensive armor plating to protect it from the sun.

Population: 18,300

Venus Primaris (ACS-13) Edit

Research station owned by the Sol System Government which is investigating the possibility of terraforming Venus.

Population: 11,800

Venus Secundus (ACS-14) Edit

SDF navy station. Functions as an outpost.

Population: 15,300

Venus Tertius (ACS-15) Edit

Mining station.

Population: 4,300

Sedna Primaris (ACS-16) Edit

Deep-space research station. Monitors the edge of the system for incoming objects and anomalies.

Population: 3,700

Pluto Primaris (ACS-17) Edit

Semi-automated research station maintained by both Sol Material Works and NewGen Technological Solutions.

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