The AFKF represents all of the Krogir Federation military. It is composed of infantry, armor and naval battalions and battlegroups.

History Edit

Formed alongside the Krogir Federation, the AFKF represents the military forces tasked with the protection of the Krogi homeworld and its system from outsiders, intruders and pirates.

After the Federation was formed it worked quick to reshape the infrastructure put in place by the pirate warlords.

Eventually the vast industrial sectors resumed their work however instead of creating wepaons and ships for the dozens of pirate factions living nearby it was now building an army capable of crushing any resistance with ease.

Organization Edit

Krogir Federation Army Edit

The KFA consists of troopers and armored vehicles. Due to the rough terrain of Krogir Primaris the KFA relies on hovering vehicles for better maneuverbility.

In combat the KFA often deploy mechanized striketeams (infantry with vehicle support).

Penal Legion Edit

Worse than facing direct execution for crimes against the Krogir state, the Penal Legion is home to disgruntled (and trigger-happy) officers leading hordes of "rehabilitated" pirates and mercenaries forced to take up arms and fight for their freedom.

Despite popular belief, the soldiers of the Penal Legion have good chances of surviving their service and so far fiftythree soldiers from the Penal Legion have earned their freedom.

Krogir Federation Navy Edit

Battleships, cruisers and patrol frigates is the primary wepaon of choice for the KFN. They use these vessels to engage any vessel they deem suspicious or to be corrupted by pirate influence. The KFN are also responsible for deploying airborne troopers via dropships should allied ground forces require additional support.

All KFN vessels are capable of deploying troopers wearing atmospheric suits which are used to board and sabotage enemy vessels without the risk of boarding them.

Krogir Federation Law Enforcement Edit

Police and military matters are more or less the same in the Krogir Federation. Law enforcement is carried out by armed officers of the military police. AFKF military police are authorized to use lethal force to quickly eliminate any threats against the Federation.

Media Edit

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