The Atlas Initiative is a PMC network dedicated to arming intergalactic armies and rebels with one goal, Earn profit by the end of it.

History Edit

The Atlas Initiative were founded by former/retired SDF personnel. It started its existence as a gun distribution company, tasked with arming the highest of military powers, down to the scrappy resistance fighters. over the years, The company eventually grew itself into a organization with the help of fellow allied companies and a good amount of fund backers.

In just a few short months, Atlas has started providing services other than gun distribution, The new focus for Atlas has been Private Security. something that high-ranking officials and common people alike, need to have. Atlas then started employing small mercenary groups, essentially making a interwoven network between the mercenary groups. Atlas itself has a Private Army, composed of well-trained and well-equipped contractors and mercenaries from other groups.

Weaponry Edit

The Atlas Initiative has a diverse line of weaponry that they built themselves, Expert gunsmiths are hired by the corporation to handle the mass-production of weapons.


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