Auditor Mariahlus, Real Name: Mariah Atmore is an Auditor of the Crimus. Selected to uphold the Constables by all means. Born in 2352, Mariah was a member of the SYN Oculus. With no biological parents to raise her the Oculus managed to bring her in as a student of Synergy.

Selected for Auditor candidacy, her first impressions were considered poor. Mariahlus then went under the teachings of the former Supreme Commander and Auditor, Sertum. Improving her skills Mariahlus rose to her ability, passing the final trials, becoming an Auditor. Sometime during her missions, She found two children after handling multiple slavers. Seeking for attachment, she became a caretaker, adopting both as her own. Mariahlus developed a sense of duty, following her Regime's wishes at every step.