Aurora Sanctus (meaning 'Holy Dawn' in Latin) is both the name of a small community on Oneiroi as well as the name of the militant group which resides within the community.

Both the group and the community was formed by Father Wells.

History Edit

Official year of founding is 2350 as that is when the Black Masks first recorded that Wells and his followers had created a community of their own separate from existing cities on the planet.

Aurora Sanctus started off as a colonial community far out in the outlands. Sustaining themselves primarily through farming Wells eventually acquired mining technology through trade with the city communities.

Exporting both food and raw minerals Aurora Sanctus grew. AFter making contact with the Divinity Creed Wells expanded his influence further. Townspeople sent to deliver food and minerals became spies and traders stopping for the night became subjects of bribery as Wells gathered information related to both Sol and the Upyri Federation which was then relayed back to the Creed for a small sum of credits.

When the United Sol Resistance was founded Wells and his people joined. Primarily an information broker, Wells has also managed to establish a well-equipped militia standing ready to defend their small community at all costs. Ontop of that their mining operations have doubled and it is rumored that Wells found something beneath the ground used to create weapons for the Fists of Sol.

Equipment Edit

Militia Gear Edit

Surplus UNGSI military gear mixed with various pieces of clothing (military & civilian) provides the Aurora Sanctus militia with kits of all shapes and colors.

While the gear and their basic guerrilla training isn't enough for them to go toe-to-toe with a professional military like the SDF their sheer numbers would certainly be enough to cause alot of damage.

Sampson Rover Edit

Modified civilian all-terrain rover manufactured in 2147 the Sampson rover is still widely used on Human colonies simply because it never breaks down and because it doesn't require much maintenance. Aurora Sanctus use these rovers for civilian cargo transports but also as military troop transports and mobile gun emplacements.

Helicopters Edit

Currently the Aurora Sanctus militia maintains a small number of helicopters used primarily for civilian transport however there are rumors that some of them may have been retrofitted with heavy weaponry onboard.

Media Edit