Ava is an artifical intelligence created by the SSOID to assist colonel Killian Horner through tactical analysis and threat assessment during the Devil Squad program.

History Edit

Ava was created in 2387 and was developed at the SSOIDs Alpha Site. While AIs has seen widespread use within the SDF as logistical advisors and organizers Ava became one of the first to be designed primarily for combat operations.

The ability to have fast tactical assessment during operations was no doubt quite the advantage however because of strict policies both the SDF and SSOID had been reluctant on using artificial intelligences as they could potentially pose a threat towards security.

In any case Ava has quickly adapted to her new life and is carried by colonel Horner himself through a secret chip compartment inside his walking stick.

The two have formed an impressive bond during the short time she's been in service and Horner remains confident that Ava will help Devil Squad in the field.

Media Edit

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