The Azravi Order is a secretive group of male and female Haalsiani whom travel the galaxy unseen, ridding it of anyone who may threaten the Haalsiani people.

History Edit

It is said that should anyone ever think to kill or otherwise harm a Haalsian they will be visited by a judge of Azravi.

These fierce warriors are said to be the embodiment of stealth and no one really knows how they manage to travel unseen through the galaxy. Some have tried to track them in search for supposed riched guarded by the order, the same people have either been met with dead-ends or disappeared from existance.

Rumors say that when the Azravi are not busy acting as guardians for their people they pursue tasks given them to them by an ancient prophecy. Some think that the Azravi Order are the last Haalsiani alive who knows about the past of their people.

This remains to be proven.

Media Edit

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