Another prominent person in the Children of God death cult. A sorcerer and member of the Quds Force, Beherit is one of it's more infamous members alongside the likes of Chemosh.

History Edit

Beherit's early life was just like any other artisynth within CoG. Created as a living test dummy by Omnitech, fighting against the alien invaders during Operation Legion, and earning his freedom during the First Intifada. Being one of the founding members of the Quds Force made him rose to prominence over the Artisynth due to their heroism displayed during both conflicts. With their honorary status as Ayatollahs, Beherit volunteered to be the religious magistrate over their people.

During a mosque ceremony which involved his followers giving their god the offering of labor, which is piling on crops in a pile and then burning it, a large mob made up of family members of ex-Omnitech employees and people who simply did not like CoG arrived to protest infront of the mosque. Beherit ordered his followers to stay inside the mosque as he didn't want a brawl to break out, as well as putting all the gasoline and oil in a corner away from the entrance. However, someone threw a molotov cocktail inside, starting a fire which ended up reaching the gasoline. The resulting explosion of flames engulfed the ceiling of the mosque, causing it to crash down. A piece of debris had hit Beherit, knocking him out cold, though his followers weren't as lucky. When he came to, he was surrounded by the charred remains of his mosque, and his congregation. Ever since, Beherit has been a bitter and spiteful person, keeping to himself and only talking to others if he wanted something done.

It was this incident that gave rise to his infamous anti-human sentiment and rhetoric which he preached about and helped facilitate among the rest of CoG, infecting a significant chunk of it. This resulted in tensions between humanity and the artisynth slowly but surely declining until the late 2070s where it took a massive nosedive down.

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