Cara Bishop is a covert operations operative with the SSOID. She is part of a special counter-intelligence reaction unit deployed to investigate leads regarding high-priority threats of different natures.

History Edit

Training her whole life to become a marine, Cara aimed to follow in her father's footsteps and protect the peace which he had helped put into place during the Unification.

Because of her determination she was eventually recruited by the SSOID after her commanding officer within the SSMC realized that Bishop was essentially wasting her talent pacifying pirates.

From there she was one of the first (following the Unification) to receive major biological enhancements to improve her overall physique.

Unknowing to Cara she was the first part of a bigger plan to create supersoldiers and because her treatments were successfull the data learned could be put to use later, eventually forming the basis for the Sol Phantom Warrior Program in 2385 as well as providing insight on key elements regarding strength and stamina enhancements critical to the creation of Gladius.

Following her integration into the SSOID Bishop was assigned to a small covert-ops unit dedicated to pursuing and investigating leads on high-priority threats ranging from anything between possible rebellions to planned terror attacks.

During one of her assignments she learned that a private arms-dealer was in the possession of some form of relic which could be used to activate ancient weapons which had been buried for centuries. Knowing that weapons of such scale could not be allowed to fall into the hands of a criminal, or worse; the enemies of Sol, Cara set out to locate this key.

Equipment Edit

Bishop's Armor Edit

A prototype design later repurposed for the Phantom Warrior Program, Bishop's armor is a suit of powered armor capable of withstanding quite the beating while also dishing out some in return.

Trivia Edit

Bishop's father was, while also being a marine, a Catholic Christian. He saw the ban of religion as a "neccessary sacrifice".

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