Major Caroline Hunter is the teamleader of the SSOID strikeforce Hunter.

History Edit

Caroline grew up as the only child to a poor family on Luna. She was born a year after the Sol Unification had ended, her parents said she was nothing short but a miracle considering how much they had suffered during the war.

Growing up in downtown Horizon wasn't easy. Her parents owned a foodtruck-RV hybrid which had originally been a doubledeck bus from some country on Earth.

While education was free in Sol (paid by the government) Caroline spent most of her time at home, helping out her parents with smaller tasks in the kitchen while studying on and off.

Her father however saw her potential and used a large sum of credits he had stashed to send her to the SDF's Military Training Academy on Terra. He knew that Caroline was a fighter but he also knew that she was meant for greater things in life rather than waste away behind a kitchen.

Studying hard Caroline eventually graduated from the MTA with an impressive set of scores. Ready to pursure a career within the SDF she was picked up by the SSOID who, alongside a hefty sum, provided her parents with a help in the kitchen in the shape of a robot.

With her family safe and under the watching eyes of the SSOID Caroline shifted her focus to her new job as teamleader for Strikeforce Hunter.

Equipment Edit

Media Edit

Caroline Hunter

Caroline in her combat uniform.

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