The most zealous and radicalized of all the Artisynth in the Children of God cult. To the Artisynth, Chemosh is their greatest hero; a man who wishes to do nothing but appease his god with utmost perfection and excellence, and someone who strives to get closer to his god and heaven every day. But to everyone else, Chemosh is a monster who has brought nothing but death and disaster everywhere he goes either for his own ends, or to appease his horrible idea of a god.

History Edit

Among the first batch of Artisynth to be created, and among the ones who spearheaded the First Intifada against Omnitech, Chemosh was always a heroic figure to his people. Always on the front of whatever conflict the Artisynth were embroiled in, whether it be actual wars and battles or a simple land dispute, he never hesitated to ensure the safety and survival of his species. However, his passion for his people turned into horrifying aggression towards whoever he was directing it against. A side-effect of believing his people are always in the right and can do no wrong led him many times to using underhanded and extremely dirty methods of fighting, especially during the later years of his life. For example, using human shields, hostages, deliberate killing of civilians, etc. One such notable incident was the nerve gassing of Las Vegas which took the lives of millions. This incident alone sparked the Artisynth War, and the eventual downfall of the Children of God on Earth.

He orchestrated this act due to his hatred towards humanity, justifying it from how Omnitech treated them and how the Artisynth were viewed as unnatural abominations by everyone. Interestingly, he never really did have such contempt for mankind until World War 3, where his close friends began to notice a change in his behavior, rationalizing it as a byproduct of the war. Even Moloch, his closest friend, noticed how his motivations went away from "protecting our people" to "destroying our enemies". Despite this, however, he continued to be a strong leader within CoG. His burning sermons and passionate speeches only became even more fierce after WW3. When CoG's deity, told him to calm down and to stop agitating the Artisynth, his response was to overthrow him and leave him to die in a desert. Now in full control of the cult, he instigated a war between CoG and the rest of the world which ended with CoG's defeat and exile. During the final year of the war, he covered the Artisynths escape with the assistance of his fighter wing. However, he never retreated with them and hasn't been seen since.

As it turns out, the Artisynth rescued by the Muramasa crew known as 'Frosty' was in reality Chemosh. As Frosty's mental state deteriorated, the memories and personality of Chemosh gradually began to surface until he fully reverted into him. Chemosh is now reborn.

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