Gladius is a artifical copy of major Victor Reed who was created by the Alpha Site AI.

History Edit

Commander Gladius was created by the SSOID in an effort to produce an artificial supersoldier as part of the Sol Phantom Warrior Program. While it was largely successfull, Gladius was implanted with fractured memories of Lion and Victor Reed.

Upon his creation Talwin Williams, the director of SSOID, lended the supersoldier to Kaspar Cross during the creation of the STWG.

Together with Ares, Valerie Reed, James Warren and Mercury commander Gladius led several crippling operations against the United Sol Resistance.

Equipment Edit

Gladius Armor Mk.1 Edit

Gladius' custom armor. It includes a small exoskeleton, heavy armor plating and a myriad of other integrated systems.

Media Edit

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