Crimson Incarnate is a spin off in the works, set in the Starpath Universe. Unlike previous installments in the series, which were character RPs on Facepunch, Crimson Incarnate is a choose your own adventure game created using ChoiceScript. Currently being developed by Doomevil, it is confirmed to take place in the 25th Century, specifically 2490.

Synopsis Edit

For twenty years the Crimus has fought a losing war against the Elysium Combine, their hopes crushed as their population wither on the front lines. Take command on a ship designated Absolution and explore the wretched Galaxy. Meet potential companions who will help you on your quest to help your people.

The routes between saving people or killing your foes will determine who you are. Take a pacifist route or simply fight your own way. The jagged path filled with overwhelming odds are certain. But let none prevent victory from your grasp. Will you become the Harbinger of Death? Or will you become the Harbinger of Hope and restore balance to the Galaxy? The answer relies on you.

Planned Features Edit

  • Meet Unique Companions throughout the story
  • Develop a reputation based on your choices
  • Make an impact in the Galaxy around you
  • Make a Lethal or Non Lethal playstyle in combat
  • Select races that can affect reactions or perhaps make your own custom race
  • Explore a Galaxy fallen into the dark times
  • Side with the major players of the Galaxy or go against them
Crimson Incarnate
Backstory: CrimusBattle of Zeruel

Characters: IncarnateMariahlusDaud MiltonMistel Hale
Ships: The Absolution
Factions: Elysium CombineBlood SiegeDivine HeavenKerberosSol System GovernmentAyr EmpireSanghvi MantlePhantom EatersInternational CollectiveMalmar CasteSeltran AllianceUpyri FederationKercan StateThe Empire of KerAchaemenid Kingdom
Gameplay: Character Customization
Lore: Crimus-Yscom WarCyborg SupremacyHollow's StrainThe Maschalismos Method