The Crimson Raiders is a elite military unit which belongs to the Red Corsairs. Trained and equipped to be able to go toe-to-toe with other military forces of the same level of skill the Crimson Raiders are used by the Corsairs during high-value operations where military precision is favored above standard pirate tactics.

History Edit

Founded by Anja Drakhjelm the Crimson Raiders the solution to a ever-increasing presence of private military contractors hired to protect vital shipments which caused great difficulties for the average Corsair pirates.

They quickly turned into the tip of the spear, a role which only grew further once Anja and her forces were sent in to support the Legkiy Separatists during the Legkiy Independence War.

Fighting off the SDF forces during the war the Crimson Raiders were hailed as heroes by many. After the war they continued to serve as an elite military unit within the Corsairs ranks.

Media Edit

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