The Daedalus is a quadruple mech walker designed and manufactured by the Mechanian Faculty. These behemoths represent the full might of the Empire's ground capabilities. Built on executing shock and awe. The Daedalus acts as a psychological weapon against field armies. Their armament's firepower is estimated to take out a distant cruiser at full Hadron power.

Overview Edit

Approximately over 60 meters in height and mounting a variety of weaponry around its metal chassis. The Daedalus is an anti fortress weapon, sporting two distinctive large cannons called Hadrons. The walker's upper half adorns a multi layered chest piece for protection from long ranged blasts.

Unlike King Gaster, a modified Daedalus the walker features and automated AI integrated within its computer systems. However, one biggest flaw for fielding a Daedalus on the battlefield is its main power consumption. Due to the micromanagement of systems from motor servos to firing the Hadron cannons the Daedalus consumes power proportional to large Underdomes. The Mechanian Faculty stresses the importance of conserving main power otherwise the integrated AI will automatically switch off non essential systems one by one.

In worse case scenarios a Daedalus may even undergo a full reactor meltdown should power levels head critically low and overheat.

Departments and Organizations within the Crimus

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