Dara Vega is an SSOID specialist and the leader of Wolf Team, a tactical team tasked with locating and eliminating threats related to the United Sol Resistance.

History Edit

Dara grew up on Terra, mainland Scotland. When she turned eighteen she followed her fathers footsteps and applied to the SISP.

Graduating from the academy with ease she began to work as an law-enforcement officer untill she was recruited by the SSOID to work as an agent.

Because she has an eye for details and because she's good at reading people it wasn't hard for Dara to earn the rank of specialist.

Following her promotion she was personally assigned by director Williams to special cases.

In 2385 Dara was assigned to assist SDF ground forces and help them identify a unknown enemy soldier killed in action on Novithus. Unable to identify the soldier (and the equipment worn by him) on-site Vega oversaw the transfer of his body back to Terra.

During the assignment she met James Warren of the SSFD and Mercury of the Boome Marines, the same men whom had engaged and killed the mysterious soldier beforehand.

Upon their arrival on Terra Dara and her team was ambushed outside of the SSOID HQ, a bold attack which led to the SDF and SSOID approving the deployment of Strikeforce Ares and commander Gladius.

Dara oversaw the raid carried out by the joint SDF-SSOID striketeam which led to the discovery of the Fists of Sol. Following the raid Dara was given command of her own team with handpicked members. Wolf Team, as it was named, saw its first piece of action against the USR on Mars after Lunar Children militants infiltrated a factory with the goal of stealing chemical material.

As it later turned out the factory attack had been a ruse and the true objective of the attack had been the hacking of a nearby relay station in order to gain access to the holoscreen feeds of the Sol News Network allowing Vexar Sword, the leader of the Fists, to temporarily seize control of all feeds and speak directly to the people of Sol.

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