Often preferring to stay in the shadows, Darya Novikova is a freelance mercenary and (from time to time) a vigilante known for taking down scum of the earth hiding on Legkiy.

History Edit

The daughter of a SDF marine and a local miner, Darya grew up knowing her father as a alcoholic and her mother through a framed picture and a medal. Having face pain and sorrow at home and out in life Darya decided that she would become someone, just like her mother.

Sadly working as a assistant at a local gunstore located on a criminal world doesn't offer much in possibilities. Using a sawed off shotgun and some homemade armor Darya would spend the nights not in the warmth of a nightclub but rather out in the cold, chasing bad guys which the LPM did not bother with.

It cost her dearly after one scumbag in particular took out his anger on her old father. While Darya's revenge was swift it wasn't enough to fill the gap of losing her only parent left in life.

She took it upon herself to do what the militia could not and cleaned not one, but more or less every house. The Red Corsairs looked on with amusement as their backyard cleaned itself of thugs that would eventually become bad for business.

During one particular "job" Darya met an old soldier and gunsmith who commended her for her strength but who also warned her of the path she had chosen. Before he left to head on home to Terra, a journey long overdue, the gunsmith crafted a pair of proper weapons and a real set of armor for Darya.

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