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Starpath: Devils of Sol is the fourth installment in the Starpath series. Initiated by Facepunch user Viper123_SWE, it is set in the year 2388, taking place in the interval between Scoundrels of the Interstellar Highway and Burning Sails, chronologically. It follows the rag-tag group Devil Squad as they carry out a series of suicidal missions in exchange for freedom and pardon. It is currently in development as of this writing, as it is currently in its planning phases.

As of 2017-11-06 Devils of Sol has been temporarily been put on ice.

Synopsis Edit

The war rages on! The conflict between Sol and the mysterious Fists of Sol continues with battles being fought in multiple systems. For fours years the SDF have been locked in a deadly struggle against the United Sol Resistance; a united alliance of anti-Sol groups convinced by Vexar Sword to reclaim what was taken from their ancestors.

Fighting not only to help the allied neighbouring worlds, the brave men and women of the SDF give their everything to keep Sol safe from deluded terrorists and zealous fanatics.

Due to the ongoing war the SDF are fielding every ablebodied man and woman volunteering for military service through intense recruiting campaigns. Meanwhile the SSOID grows more desperate for each month and unleash hundreds of experimental projects with some deemed too reckless that normally they would've never been considered to be used in live combat.

One of these projects is the Devil Squad program, led by colonel Killian Horner the Devil Squad program hope to rehabilitate dangerous convicts by arming them and deploying them to complete dangerous, near-suicidal, missions. While risky Horner thinks that the rewards, ten million credits and full pardon, will be enough to motivate the convicts and keep them in line.

The convicts are both human and alien, some hail from Sol, some from the neighbour worlds and some even from UGC (including former) systems wanting to get rid of their most feared criminals.

Some are murderers, some are psychopaths, some were wrongfully convicted and some just had really bad timing. In any case, they will all fight or die. With explosive charges surgically attached to their neural cortex, deserting will have a fatal outcome.

Loyalty Score Edit

Ranked from 1 to 10, the Loyalty Score determines the loyalty of the player characters (excluding advisors). As each chapter (mission) ends the Loyalty score will determine how the NPCs interact with the prisoners. Player characters acting rebellious, risking the squad and disobeying the advisors as well as the SDF/SSOID personnel will have a lower score while characters who follow orders and make good calls will have a higher score.

The Loyalty score does not impact character stats directly.

Characters with a low Loyalty may finish the game and even earn their freedom (assuming they do not get killed).

Mission Support Assets (MSUs) Edit

Because the odds will generally be against the Devils the MSU system will function as a sort of lifeline. If requested by the squad (or if one of the advisors makes the call directly) the SNV Crucible and (in some cases) the SNV Gungnir will stand by to provide support.

Prior to a mission the briefing will detail the MSUs available. Some missions will have one-time use mission-specific MSUs unique to that specific mission.

MSUs range between bunker busters, EMPs and even mechanized QRFs being deployed to the field.

The MSU system will provide some help should too many players become inactive and/or too many characters wounded/killed in the field. MSUs have limited uses per mission and cooldown timer (X amount of turns).

Summary Edit

Prologue Edit

1st August, 2388. Onboard the SNV Crucible.

Mission 1: Operation Steel Rain Edit

Mission 2: Operation Swift Vengeance Edit

Mission 3: Operation Red Skull Edit

Mission 4: Operation Dead Star Edit

Mission 5: Operation Golden Shield Edit

Mission 6: Operation Hell's Fist Edit

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