A former mercenary, Dhazvar is a male gorakon hailing from the planet of Hyztha.

History Edit

As a young gorakon, Dhazvar proved his worth by defeating the strongest male in his tribe. As per tradition, Dhazvar tore out the heart of his opponent and ate it, pleasing the elders and the gods while also giving him the strength of his fallen rival.

He then set out on a mission to become the strongest of all gorakons, challenging other alpha males.

Soon Dhazvar was hailed as the strongest gorakon by all the tribes which attracted the attention of some pirates. They convinced Dhazvar to leave his homeworld and seek glory beyond the stars.

Dhazvar accepted and joined the band of pirates who traveled throughout the galaxy while carrying out mercenary work.

Hundreds of contracts later Dhazvar found himself on a backwater world, surrounded by a missionary of the Divinity Creed and his men. After a dissappointingly short fight Dhazvar lived thanks to Qastus, whom he later befriended.

The mercenary accompanied Qastus to Nyx where they enocuntered Hirala and Varia.

Media Edit

The Honored Seven

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