Divine Heaven is a religious state dedicated to restoring Humanity's faith. It was founded by one of Divinity Creed's most naive and idealistic members, Zealot Kalpyr. The organization realizes the capability of the Sol Government's strength and rather than fight them directly, established a more stealth approach in self-defense. Zealot Kalpyr promised to one day repent for the sins Divinity Creed caused. The faction was established in 2400 after an agreement to merge a remnant of Divinity Creed with a neutral religious faction, Safe Haven. Several organizations soon followed.

The location of Divine Heaven is currently unidentified but it is rumored to be on an Class 1 planet.

History Edit

The state was founded from two people who were leaders in their former factions. Zealot Kalpyr was a leader of a large Divinity Creed remnant who survived the war decades ago. Meanwhile, a man named Jeckt Lynch led a moderate sized faction named Safe Haven. The two formed a pact within the Southeast and swore to safeguard the civilians.

The years were not kind however. As patrols and security detail made sure to pick off whatever fanatic they had aboard. The faction hid away under a secret planet, waiting until the fire goes down where they can live alone in peace.

Crimson Incarnate Edit

By the 2440s, Divine Heaven expanded their territory and sought to recontact with other factions. They started to make their move on colonizing other planets, knowing this would attract attention. The new generation forged armor and weapons to protect themselves and offer the same to wandering nomads or fleets.
Crimson Incarnate
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