Dmitry Zhirov is a infamous Legkiyan bounty hunter and mercenary. He is not tied with the B.C.B (following an arguement with Miranda Caine) and works feelance on his own.

History Edit

A veteran from the Legkiy Independence War who fought for the Legkiy Separatist Militia, Zhirov was badly injured during the final battle which nearly claimed his life.

Because of this he's grown incredibly bitter and angry. Former clients speak of Zhirov with a combination of satisfaction and fear. While he gets the job done he shows little to no regard for the wellbeing of others (bystanders included) and it's not uncommon for him to "accidently" use machinegun fire to disperse a crowd or insert a live explosive device into someone's mouth to make them talk.

Despite his violent reputation Zhirov is still regarded to be one of the more cost-efficient solutions to many problems, especially if one can't go through the legal channels.

Trivia Edit

Because of his cybernetic eye implants Zhirov sees everything with a yellow tint.

When drunk Zhirov can be heard cursing the names of his old squadmates which he served with during the Independence War.

Media Edit

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