Duane 'Linebacker' Hawkins is a living legend. With a service record that rivals those of the Unification veterans it was no surprise that Kaspar Cross chose Hawkins as the next Lord General.

History Edit

Groomed to be a soldier ever since he was a child Duane learned to accept that he was destined to serve and protect the people of Sol very early in his life.

While he may not have always agreed with how things had been handled by his ancestors Duane did nonetheless work hard to prove his loyalty.

He figured that politicians will always make some really bad calls and that the real objective, the thing that mattered, was that his people was safe.

During the Sol-USR war Hawkins made quite the name for himself and it didn't take long for marines to start spreading rumors about a "marine so pissed he could hate someone out of existence" and "a supersoldier created to kill God himself". While these rumors were far from true they did help somewhat whenever Duane showed up at a battle; his comrades would follow him and his enemies fear him.

Eventually Hawkins was recruited into the STWG to oversee large-scale tactical operations running behind the curtain.

After the war he was promoted to Lord General and in 2390 (one year after the elections for a new Administrator and High Councilor) he was sworn into office.

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