Dur Rawaz is a Krogirian general and leader of the Krogir Federation. He is driven by a hate for pirates and criminals, views shared by his people.

History Edit

When the pirates were still in control of Krogir Dur was one of their most trusted advisors. It did not matter that the pirate warlords changed overtime because of their mindless murdering to climb the ranks, Dur remained alive and protected by his status.

As the prime advisor he possessed very valuable knowledge which helped the many warlords rule over Krogir.

What the pirates forgot however was that Dur knew about every checkpoint, armory, dockingbay, favorite brothels and other weaknesses. Knowledge he later used to stage a coup.

Leading his people Dur Rawaz managed to overthrow the pirates and send them shattered back into space. They never returned.

Rewarded for his boldness Dur was appointed General and leader of the Krogir Federation. He rules the Federation with an iron fist and has a strong zero-tolerance policy against pirates, criminals and other shady outsiders in general.

Over the years several foolish pirates and other criminal scum have tried to sneak their way back to Krogir, hoping to profit from the isolated world. Nearly have either been sent running or ending up in the general's personal "fun" chamber.

Guests held in said chamber meet the unfortunate fate of becoming subjects which he use to vent his hate towards the pirates which once scarred him.

Media Edit

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