Dwan Theidrum-Ascedor is a humanoid of foreign origin, and not in the traditional sense. Originally of unknown origin, he joined the starting Archius crew with incomplete documents, as a bartender. He would go on to become one of Journey's most influential yet controversial characters.



The ArchiusEdit

At the start, Dwan seemed very aloof, even with his brief quip. He settled into his new working place quite quickly, elevating the floor behind the counter in order for him to be able to stand at a level height with the rest of the crew. Quickly, he would discover an unfinished room behind the bar, closed off with a shelf that could be pushed to the side. He would make this secret room his quarters, and very few would know this, such as Pyrovik and Byron.

He would slowly begin to interact with the crew members as they came for drinks, starting with Tussor and Heilburg. In between serving drinks, he would begin unpacking, revealing his personal arsenal of weapons and a selection of 'exotic' drinks. His interactions with the crew would grow exponentially during the encounter with Colonel Bruta and his frigate, and it would continue to do so for the rest of the journey.

As time went on, the early aloofness would dissipate into the background, as Dwan grew to become one of the most pro-active members of the crew, despite only being a mere bartender. He would grow to have close relations with most of the crew, especially with Lion and Yanim. Despite this, while Dwan grew to be more active, his background would remain a mystery for most of the former half of the journey.

It would be on Duroma when Dwan finally revealed himself to the one person he could trust most, Lion, who would keep the truth behind him a secret. He was a foreigner to this world; to be specific, he was a transversal being, using thaumaturgy (magic, or as Dwan called it at the time, caldiur) to travel between universes. With an explanation, Lion came to accept Dwan's true identity.

However, things would slowly go downhill from here with the latter half of the arc, and just sharply slam the ground by the end of the State Security encounter, leading to, what the crew believed to be, the deaths of both Dwan and Lion. However, as a safety measure, Dwan had used his powers to ensure his and Lion's survival. He would've never returned to this universe if Lion hadn't convinced him. Unfortunately, their return following the disastrous battle against the Auditors on Kumoro would lead to Yanim, unable to accept their explanation for their survival, to leave the crew and go down the path of mercenarihood.

After the second meeting with Harken Saw at Termina Central, Dwan would end up revealing his true nature to Saw as well, after he revealed that he too was an outsider to this universe. Unfortunately, the embellishments he decided to do would end up making him seem worse than he was once Saw sent the footage to Yanim during the Battle of Zeruel, which he recorded with his eyeball.

The end of the Oracle War and its controversy, culminated with the now well-known battle on Zeruel, would reveal the ugly truth about the Crimson Son, in actuality the Crimus, to the crew, a truth that would hit Dwan the hardest, as a result of the mechs he decided to bring forth into this universe, believing like everyone else that Zeruel was only the military HQ of a supposed mercenary group, not the home world of a hidden civilization which had been at war with Saw for many, many years.

A week after the conclusion of the war, Dwan attended the memorial ceremony on Mars, made to honor those fallen in the fight against the Crimus. After letting Lion make one last goodbye to Valerie via holoprojector, he interacted with Viper one last time before presumably leaving this universe.


Since the end of Journey, Dwan hasn't made a reappearance in Starpath. He is remembered coldly by Yanim and Rask in Scoundrels, the latter as a result of Dwan point-blank blowing the head of one of his colleagues right next to him during the encounter with State Security, the former as a result of both personal betrayal over his untruthfulness and because of the footage she received from Saw of the conversation the two had.


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