Elena Winters is a chief engineer at Sol Material Works. She is famous for having designed a stealth drive used by SDF navy vessels as well as a search and rescue drone used widely within the southern quadrant.

She was recruited by colonel Killian Horner to work with the Devil Squad program.

History Edit

Born in 8371 Elena was the only child of miners Robert Winters and Valentina Takova. Despite the nature of their job and the little free time available Elena grew up being loved by her parents. There was never a moment when she didn't feel like she could talk to them and as a girl she would often sit in the foreman's office and do homework while waiting for her parents to finish work.

As she grew older Elena grew more and more interested in the mining profession and all the equipment used. She taught herself how to repair most of the equipment used in the mines and after she finished school she was officially hired as a engineer.

After providing the mine with dozens of homebrewed engineering and maintenance bots the Sol Material Work hired her. Advancing within the SMW Elena became a key individual within the company's Mars division.

Later on she met Killian Horner by accident who was visiting her father, a former soldier who Horner had served with during the Unification, and the two began to talk about all kinds of machinery.

A few years later Horner sent her a message with an offer, a offer Elena couldn't resist. Eager to provide for Sol just like her parents had done Elena was drafted for the Devil Squad program as chief engineer onboard the ship.

Media Edit

SMW Elena Winters Full

Elena in her engineering gear.

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