he Elysium Political Management Combine (or simply shorted to Elysium Combine or YsCom for the sake of convenience) is the controlling body of the Elysium system.

Officially established on the Athens in 2331 with only a handful of participants, the Combine popularity quickly surge throughout the system and was fully recognize as the sector's singular goverment by the final months of 2339.

The independent Elysium Combine stands as one of most wealthy interstellar nations standing within recent times as of 2385.

Government Edit

The current collective of corporate giants was formed to superseded the ineffective planetary governments and mishandled city states of old in favor of a universal cooperative government headed by the leaders of major and minor corporations based within the system.

It's power is closely tied to the many corporations that are apart of it, each one providing a vital service to system's economy and/or infrastructure that backs their chair on the Board. The current number of representative seats on the board is to be numbered within the hundreds.

Each Corporation is allowed to only have one representative on the board, their political power limited is to both Directorate, in which a number of Corporations sign into and have exclusive control over whatever subject the Directorate oversees. And universal referendums that the majority may call for.

Foreign relations Edit

The Elysium Combine adopts a strong isolationist policy in regards to many of Sol and the UGC's collectivist federal systems. Preferring to stay as neutral as possible towards almost of all of the galaxy's governments, keeping themselves out of the many wars and conflicts that these parties involve themselves in.

Through, on the other hand, the Elysium Combine has created and continues to maintain several of the largest markets that the Galaxy has ever seen. Always exporting countless amounts of goods with their trading partners.

It is estimated that over 60% of all goods found in the common households within the southwestern sectors have their origin within Elysium space. Ranging everywhere from the simplest of home appliances to the some of the most advanced computers networks in service.

History Edit


Culture Edit


Military Edit

The Elysium Combine is a varied topic, through most of Elysium's population is anti-war and military intervention. The Combine still holds a impressive presence of unified might. These forces are divided and organized into a decentralized few.

The Hoplite Defense Force Edit

The HDF serves as the home guard towards the Elysium sector, primarily made of volunteers drawn from the system's civilian population and thus are tasked with the system's security. The Hoplite is the closest to an traditional military force within the Elysium space.

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The Evzoni Market Guard Edit

The Evzoni seen as an loose organization of various freelancers and small private contractors gown exclusively within Elysium space. Tasked with the defense of the Combine ever growing trade routes and merchant fleets.

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The Argos Private Military Firm Edit

Seen as the Elysium's black ops by many, Argos serves as unofficial Elysium's expedition and intervention forces. Most of their operations and details are kept in the dark from the public eye. As such they are under constant watch and scrutiny from countless sources, both internal and external.

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The Olympian Fleet Edit

The shared military fleet of Elysium, it's daunting size for such small sector is usually met with ire and uncertainty. The fleet bulk is generally modernized surplus and mothballed combat vessels. Much of these ships are gutted out and their crews replaced with automated machinery and complex AIs.

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