Former OMS soldier, sergeant Emile Gerrera is a grizzled veteran and formerly a warden working at the Maximum Security Detention Facility 1 on Titan.

History Edit

After serving with Killian Horner as a SDF OMS during the Unification the two soldiers parted ways. Gerrera, having earned a reputation for being unbreakable on the field, was contacted by the Sol Department of Justice who offered him a job as a warden on MSDF-1.

Not one to decline a challenge, Gerrera took the job and was quick to make the convicts of MSDF-1 fear his name. Enforcing a strict no bullshit-policy, Gerrera respected those who respected him.

Disrespect was met with either his fist or the end of a steel baton. There are also rumors that in some cases Gerrera intentionally armed some convicts with shivs so that they could neutralize anyone who caused trouble for the guards and the other inmates.

After working on MSDF-1 for years Gerrera enjoys the calm as most of the inmates won't openly oppose him.

Those who might harbour any form of anger towards him are smart enough not to show it.

Devil Squad Edit

As soon as Killian called Gerrera and asked for his help Gerrera immeadiately accepted without knowing the details. He resigned from his post and brought with him two of his best wardens, Gonzales and Jackson, to help him keep Devil Squad in check.

"A convict is a convict, they're all the same." Was one of the first things he said. Horner wonders if anyone in the squad will disprove that theory.

Media Edit

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