The Engineering Amendment is the Science and Engineering Department of the Crimus, an institute solely devoted to producing the Empire's technological wares. They are most certainly responsible for manufacturing and maintaining technology and industrial productions. The Amendment processes underground facilities capable of churning out thousands of products daily. The Amendment's presence stretches across the Crimus territory. Their attitude among technology is to discover new methods, built on mass production and finding ways to distribute to the general population

History Edit

At the early establishment of the Crimus, came the Amendment. The Richter sought out new technology after the Kauzen's Dark Age, desperately finding out solutions before havoc could sprawl out of control. Then Zeruel spawned the initial stages of the Department after the Principality drafted a department proposal. All members immediately approved the proposal, allowing for the matter of technology to be handled by a new Department. The Engineering Amendment operated under an Architect General who supervised all organizations, having direct control. As the discovery of Synergy went worldwide, the Engineering Amendment took the new resource in stride. As the Amendment quickly understood the potential of Synergy, they were fully capable of producing product at a rapid pace.

Departments and Organizations within the Crimus

Emperium: Crimson BrigadeCrimson EliteVolunteer FrontRau ArmadaDefensive Lance
Astro Concord: Merchant MarinesCivil Servant
Local Accord: Civilian Administration (Welfare SupplyEducation CodexCurative CenterCounter Criminal AuthorityHousing and Citizenship Agency) • SYN Oculus
Engineering Amendment: Heria Engineering AssemblyScience InstituteSynergy OptimalMechanian FacultyGenesis Nova (Vat Assembly)
Arbitrate Commission
Para Skull
Races: HumansKercanSeltra
Cultures: Syncs
Vehicles: Daedalus
Technology: CyberneticaDynamo Joe/Jane SeriesUnderdome
Battles: Battle of ZeruelKohan Conflict
Notable Members: Auditor MariahlusIncarnateDaud MiltonMistel Hale

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