Epsilon Team is the largest and most lethal unit within the Sol Phantom Warrior Program. Epsilon consists of seven soldiers whom are all veterans from both the SDF and SSOID.

Epsilon Team is the primary unit of choice for when captain Henry Marshall requires a team to deal a serious blow against the USR.

Epsilon Alpha Edit

Alpha is the leader of Epsilon Team. He is a former OMS squad leader and SSOID operative.

Equipment Edit

PWAS 'Alpha' Edit

Customized Phantom Warrior Armor System, designed specifically for Alpha. Features enhanced squad communication equipment and combat sensors.

Epsilon Bravo Edit

Bravo is Epsilons' communications- and technical specialist and also acts as a light support soldier. He is a former SDF marine.

Equipment Edit

PWAS 'Bravo' Edit

Bravo's personal armor set. Includes a large backpack stuffed with technical gadgets and an integrated long-range communications array with an effective range of a hundred metric miles.

Epsilon Charlie Edit

Heavy weapons specialist and resident walking tank. Charlie has a long service record with the SDF as a OMS trooper, Navy boarding trooper and Army cavalry force recon.

Equipment Edit

PWAS 'Charlie' Edit

Integrated industrial exoskeleton to boost the powered armor's capabilites. Reinforced armor plating. Added ammunition storage and blast shields.

Epsilon Delta Edit

Scout and infiltrator of the Epsilon Team. Delta is also the only female member of Epsilon Team.

Equipment Edit

PWAS 'Delta' Edit

Designed with agility in mind Delta's personal armor also include a personal cloaking system.

Epsilon Echo Edit

Reconnassaince specialist and marksman, Echo takes targets out of the equation beofre they even see him.

Equipment Edit

PWAS 'Echo' Edit

Integrated scouting visor and special pouches for carrying equipment neccessary to maintain and improve Echo's customized sniper rifle.

Epsilon Foxtrot Edit

Demolitions specialist and CQC enthusiast. Foxtrot favors explosivie solutions to most problems and is never one to turn down a good hand-to-hand fight.

Equipment Edit

PWAS 'Foxtrot' Edit

Enhanced ammunition storage allows Foxtrot to carry several demolition charge, grenades and other explosive devices such as mines. Also includes reinforces armor plating.

Epsilon Golf Edit

Assault specialist and rifleman, Golf fills a variety of roles within the squad.

Equipment Edit

PWAS 'Golf' Edit

Golf has a integrated jetpack in his armor which allows him to travserse most terrain with ease.

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