Eridia is the capital planet of the Eridian Government and used to be a major tradehub in the eastern quadrant prior the invasion carried out by the Fists of Sol which rendered the planet more or less deserted (not to mention barren).

Climate Edit

Temperate climate with primarily wooden areas and grasslands.

Infrastructure Edit

Primarily focused on advanced mining operations Eridia was also home to several state-of-the-art robotic R&D facilities which spearheaded work years before anyone else.

Following the invasion most (if not all) of these facilities have been turned into rubble.

Notable Locations Edit

Atar Edit

The once proud and beautiful capital of Eridia which also served as a beacon of civilization for this near-utopia located far out in the Eastern Quadrant this city now serves as a grave not only for itself but for the millions who once lived on the planet.

Media Edit


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