Erin Fay is a experienced combat pilot. She has logged thousands of hours in a wide range of aircraft ranging from cargo transports, dropships and even fighters.

History Edit

Erin Fay started her career as a cargo pilot with the SDFs Air Force. After saving up enough money she could finally attend at the flight academy on Mars where she graduated with top scores, landing her a job as a dropship pilot with the SDF Marines.

From there Erin saw action across several systems, often volunteering to fly down in the first wave during more heated deployments. During the Battle of Zeruel she disobeyed direct orders to evac in favor of saving a squad of marines which had just returned to the surface after engaging enemy forces below.

With only a few seconds remaining Fay managed to extract the squad and go spaceborne just in time to dock with the last SSOID ship to retreat prior to the destruction of Zeruel itself.

Normally Fay would've been punished for pulling such a stunt but instead she received a letter of recommendation from Kaspar Cross that she would be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and sent to the SSOID.

Erin gladly accepted the offer and felt honored to become one of the few to help Sol's best soldiers.

As Killian Horner began recruiting people for his Devil Squad program Erins name was near the top of the list.

Media Edit

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