Esben Dahl is the SSGs Administrator. He was sworn into office in 2389, taking over from his deceased colleague Keith Vale.

History Edit

Esben started out as a lawyer in Oslo, Norway. Following the footsteps of his retired parents he took over their lawfirm alongside his two sisters.

Wanting to do more public service Esben eventually switched track and became a patrol officer with the SISP even going as far as getting promoted to lieutenant.

His ambitions grew further and after a recommendation by several colleagues Esben pursued the career as councilor in order to both serve, help and represent the average citizens of Sol rather than the wealthy elite or the military veterans like his colleagues.

In 2389 Esben Dahl won the election for the seat as Administrator thanks to an overwhelming majority. Promising to do everything in his power to help rebuild Sol from the past struggles such as the war with the USR Esben set out to make the Sol system the crown jewel it once was.

This time the government and the people, all of the people, would unite again. Or so Esben hope after Alyssa Labelle took over the mantle as High Councilor from Quint Wayford.

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