Fairuz Kamali is a mercenary hailing from Qalea. Her name means "Triumphant Protector".

History Edit

Fairuz grew up with her mother in the capital city of Qalea, Manzil. Her father had been part of the Qalean SDF Auxiliaries and had died a year prior to her birth during a raid against a pirate den.

For as long as she could remember her mother had always told Fairuz what was expected of her.

With alot of pressure on her shoulders Fairuz always strived to excel at any task she accepted and took it upon herself to make her parents proud of her.

Eventually the pressure was simply too much and at the height of her promising career as an athlete Fairuz snapped and injured herself during a sprint.

Afterwards she told her mother the truth of what she felt and then immeadiately broke contact out of shame. For years she worked as a mechanic, thanks to her engineers degree, and regularly sent funds to her mother as a way of redeeming herself.

Growing bored of her work Fairuz eventually bought a ship of her own and left Qalea to create her own life.

Equipment Edit

Kamali Special Edit

Fairuz's personal rifle. She primarily uses it for personal protection and, in some cases, hunting.

Qalean Tracksuit Edit

Special-made tracksuit made for Fairuz during her career as an athlete. It's both a memory and a reminder.

Media Edit