The First Contact War was a brief conflict between the UNGSI's military forces and Upyri Separatists as a response to a team of surveyors coming under fire after accidently landing on a separatist world.

In 2204 a team of surveyors accompanied by a small squad of peacekeepers landed on the world of LXI-37 (Human designation) in search for rare earth minerals and other valuable information regarding local fauna.

After encountering a manmade structure the team prepared to gather samples of the advanced materials used to construct it when they were suddenly engaged by a small force of alien militants.

Taking heavy casualties, the team falled back and called for support as more and more of the enemy forces began to pour into the area.

The result was a chaotic (albeit short) conflict between UNGDF forces on the ground and in orbit versus Upyri separatists which were armed to the teeth.

Despite it's short length, both sides suffered heavy casualties.

Because of the numerous jump signatures appearing in the system as the UNGDF deployed their fleet to respond, vessels from both the Upyri Federation and the UGC were able to intervene and put the conflict to an end.

Result Edit

After intervening the UGC set to introduce and integrate the Humans to co-exist alongside the other membership species.

Meanwhile Federation officials were able to round up the separatist survivors and put them behind bars.

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