The Frontier Militia is a coalition of former colony worlds that protect their home worlds and and police allied systems and colonies.

History Edit

The Frontier Militia originated when colonies in the now designated Renegade Quadrant fell victim to over-expansion and abandonment by the SSG, UFP and Yscom.

Angered by being left behind to fend for themselves in a hostile part of the galaxy, colonies organized their own defense to uphold their laws and defend themselves against aggressive pirate raids.

Operations Edit

Unlike the northern Free World Covenant, who exist within sectors of existing governments, the Frontier Militia operate in small pockets within the Renegade Quadrant.

All colonies who are under the protection of the coalition adhere to a strict set of rules enforced by the Militia. Laws and judgements are notoriously black and white and are enforced with extreme prejudice.

The Militia claims that "all who respect the law respect the Militia", meaning they do no discriminate among aliens, pirates or established governments. Some would label the Militia a pirate organization for harboring pirate ports and that governments hold no jurisdiction on their worlds. But as the Militia claims, crimes committed outside of their territory that do not harm the Militia is none of their business. It's their playground and you play by their rules.

The Militia has filled a precarious vacuum in the galaxy, securing their own safety against pirates by providing them with fueling and repair stations and trade ports, whilst the pirates have made it difficult for outside governments to exercise influence over or dismantle the organization.

Relations Edit

Sol System Government Edit

Many from affiliated with the SSG rarely journey into the RQ. SSOID guidelines stress to avoid Militia systems, and only if absolutely necessary seek shelter there. Full disclosure of affiliation and intent is advised after a undercover SSOID agent was exposed by series of convoluted events. He spent 2 years in a militia prison for falsification of I.D.

Upyri Federation Edit

The Upyri Federation maintains a strange status quo with the Militia. Partly condemning it for fencing loot from pirate raids on federation colonies, but also thankful for apprehending slavers and sending captured Upyri colonists back to the federation.

Yscom Edit

The Elysium Combine has the Militia listed as a full time pirate contributor for fencing stolen goods and raid loot from Yscom colonies.

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