A pleasant individual, "Frosty" is an Artisynth, and a former member of the Children of God cult. He is currently employed by the Terika-Belladonna Company as an attack pilot.

History Edit

Rescued and unfrozen from a collection of floating ice along with his starfighter in the Albitsky Asteroid Field by the TBC crew was a rather mysterious individual, who would later be nicknamed 'Frosty' by the crew. As strange as he behaved, and how odd is physical features were, he had no problems getting along with his newfound friends. Unfortunately however, he suffered from an acute case of amnesia, only remembering his skills as an attack pilot. This would change as time went on.

However, during a mission on Voyak, Frosty was shot down during a dogfight and died in the resulting crash. While Janos and three other members of the Muramasa's crew were sent to retrieve his body, another Artisynth named Moloch had found it before them, and had begun working on bringing him back to life. The dispute Moloch and Janos had over possession of Frosty's body eventually reached the bridge of the Muramasa, and the following incident that occurred ended up with Moloch leaving with Frosty's body, as well as all his possessions. Frosty did come back to life, thanks to Moloch, however he came to on the Artisynth world of Karbala, where he met the rest of his species slaughtering and killing anyone who dared land on their world. He didn't like what he saw. What he witnessed had traumatized him, and due to Moloch's healing, memories of him committing atrocities himself started surfacing in his mind. This all came to a head during the attack on the Aurikha on Rigel. Frosty fell in battle and Moloch healed him once more, but what came back to life this time wasn't Frosty, but rather a very specific Artisynth named 'Chemosh'.

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