The people of Gadrani, the Gadr are much shorter and thinner than their Vakr cousins.

Physiology Edit

Unlike the Vakr, whom have very 'Human-like' features, the Gadr resemble the Ayr physically more than the Vakr (even though they lack the psionic abilities of both the other species).

Gadr have large rounded eyes, thin mouths and blue skin. They're much shorter and thinner than the Vakr.

History Edit

Unlike their Vakr cousins the Gadr managed to establish a somewhat advanced society early on in their history. The Gadr formed smaller citystates governed by several elected rulers who also passed universal laws for their people to follow.

Post-Ayr Integration Edit

Because they were originally fairly organized the only change to the Gadr people after the integration to the Ayr Empire was that they unified themselves as a single nations (unlike the Vakr who remained divided).

With new knowledge from the Ayr the Gadr began to expand into several scientific fields, making great advancements.

Adanis Federation Edit

With their Vakr bretheren using their natural strength for heavy labour and military service the Gadr were set to use their brilliant minds to plan and organize the Adanis Federation.

Media Edit


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