The Genesis Nova is an institute within the Engineering Amendment. Specialized in biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, the Nova's mission is to understand the hidden secrets of biology through science. Synergy at their grasp, their goals of closing that gap have lessened. Several achievements of the Nova include the Xerzine Compound and the development of the Genesis Vat Assembly. Since then the Genesis Nova have worked endlessly to revolutionize biotechnology once more.

History Edit

The Genesis Nova was created by the Richter to harness the living organism, recruiting several scientists to discover an extraordinary breakthrough. Leading scientist Eugene King was one of the first to witness the potential of genetics, a great desire to bring evolution to the next level at the Regime's doorstep. King's team researched their foundation that would later become Xerzine. Using the power of Synergy to haste development King and his team were on the verge of discovering something great.

A few months later and a prototype of Xerzine, X-OT emerged as the first step in enhancing ability without augments or Cybernetica. With the testing results an astounding success King's team immediately began to finalize the X-OT prototype, later creating the later stages of the Xerzine Compound.

Departments and Organizations within the Crimus

Emperium: Crimson BrigadeCrimson EliteVolunteer FrontRau ArmadaDefensive Lance
Astro Concord: Merchant MarinesCivil Servant
Local Accord: Civilian Administration (Welfare SupplyEducation CodexCurative CenterCounter Criminal AuthorityHousing and Citizenship Agency) • SYN Oculus
Engineering Amendment: Heria Engineering AssemblyScience InstituteSynergy OptimalMechanian FacultyGenesis Nova (Vat Assembly)
Arbitrate Commission
Para Skull
Races: HumansKercanSeltra
Cultures: Syncs
Vehicles: Daedalus
Technology: CyberneticaDynamo Joe/Jane SeriesUnderdome
Battles: Battle of ZeruelKohan Conflict
Notable Members: Auditor MariahlusIncarnateDaud MiltonMistel Hale

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