Hakon Burke is the leader of the Lunar Children and a self-proclaimed colonel. Burke uses his cunning, bold tactics and his rage to fight the SDF in any way he can.

History Edit

Hakon Burke grew up on Terra as the son of two miners. Most of his early life circled around mining and when he turned eighteen he was hired by his parent's company to work on Luna.

During his time in the mines he befriended several of his colleagues who were locals. Most of the local miners spoke of a "presence within the core" and it didn't take long for Hakon to get involved with the Lunar Children.

While he never really believed in their ideals, Hakon was nonetheless one of the most important members of the group. Eventually he assumed command of the Lunar Children to lead a military campaign against Sol.

His main goal was to reclaim Luna but not to free the supposed being inside but for his wife and daughter to see their true home.

This goal changed eventually after SDF special forces accidently shot and killed Hakon's family during a raid on a Lunar Children outpost.

With the loss of his family Hakon intensified his campaign which begun to take its toll on the civilian population of Sol.

Vexar Sword eventually contacted him and invited Hakon and his militia to join his alliance. It was an offer simply too good to refuse.

Media Edit

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