Halcón, also known as Falcon, is a company which design and manufacture military vehicles for private militaries and colonial defense forces. The company are strong rivals with Ursus Armored Inc.

History Edit

HDM was originally founded by Félix Arroyo (under the name Halcón Vehículos) to produce heavy vehicles to be used within mining.

However after several PMCs (Private Military Companies) bought and modified several of his vehicles for combat use Félix rebranded both his company and his designs.

Today HDM design and manufacture military vehicles used primarily by PMCs.

Products Edit

Lobo LAPC Edit

The Lobo ('Wolf') is a light armored personnel carrier capable of traversing rough terrain. It is equipped with a kinetic repeater cannon for engaging soft vehicles and infantry. The Lobo can carry up to four soldiers in its transport compartment.

Oso APC Edit

The Oso ('Bear') is a armored personnel carrier favored by several PMCs. While it is not as fast as the Lobo the Oso makes up for its lack of speed with armor and better weaponry.

Main armament includes a heavy missile launcher capable of locking on to both airborne and groundbased targets. It can carry six soldiers in the back of the vehicle.

Gigante ACV Edit

Biggest out of all HDM vehicles the massive Gigante ('Giant') armored combat vehicle is armed to the teeth with its dual turrets. Each turret comes equipped with a repeater, cannon and missile launcher and can engage targets separately from eachother.

Because of the large crew and ammo storage the Gigante is unable to carry passengers. It is crewed by a driver, commander and two gunners.

Media Edit

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