Hector Roth is a zealot with the Divinity Creed. Just like his colleague and friend Stanislav Koronov, Hector works closely with Arch-Zealot Hazadok to ensure that the divine message of God is spread to all corners of the galaxy while also using his light to purge the unfaithful.

History Edit

Hector was the oldest of three brothers. He came from a christian family and his parents devoted most of their life helping people still affected by the destruction of World War III.

While most damage had been repaired there were still several large slumzones on the various continents of Earth.

After the ban on religion was imposed Hector and his family fled to Mars, seeking refuge within the walls of the Divinity Creed's bastion of hope.

Hector enlisted with the militia while his family stayed behind to help organize the growing community. On his quest to fight for his family and faith Hector befriended two other like-minded individuals, Widon Hazadok and Stanislav Koronov.

During the Battle of God's Refuge Hector's family was killed during the defense against the SDF. Ontop of that his mentor and the leader for the Divinity Creed, Arch-Zealot Izvan, was killed by SDF special forces.

Equipment Edit

Roth's Sword Edit

Specially-made sword crafted for Roth.

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